event planning and management:

Memorable events are no accident.  They are the result of careful planning, attention to detail, and flawless execution carried out by professionals with years of experience. Regardless of the purpose or type of event you are hosting, those attending will come with an expectation and leave with an impression.  Do you put your best foot forward?   

Corporate & Professional Association Events:

Too often corporations or professional organizations delegate event responsibilities to an administrator or a volunteer that works on the event outside their normal daily routine.  These individuals tend to “stay organized” for an event, instead of plan for an event.  So what’s the difference?

Planning for an event requires you to have the foresight to know what can go right, and what can go wrong.  Professional Event Planners have experience working with a variety of vendors and have a better understanding of their specialties and style.  They have an understanding of how attendees are likely to move throughout a space and where they will congregate.  Furthermore, an event planner with business experience understands the relationship between the details of the event and the goal of enhancing client relationships, securing new members for the organization, raising awareness about a product or service, or having employees come away with a sense of company pride.

Special Occasions

Jennifer Langley Events understands the goals and motivations to host a corporate event differ from those related to an event that is personal to a couple, family, or individual.  Though the process of planning may be similar, an event designed for a special occasion requires the event planner to create a sense of celebration and personal connection between the host and their guests.  A successful event planner will listen to clients and help them express their ideas within the context of the event.

Event Planning services include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Theme

  2. Invitations/Announcements

  3. Presentation of Marketing Materials

  4. Venue Selection

  5. Parking/Security

  6. Menu/Caterer Selections

  7. Entertainment or Guest Speakers

  8. Lighting/Audio Visual

  9. Floral/Event Design

  10. Space Planning and Flow

  11. Procuring Attendee Gifts

  12. Seating Arrangements

  13. On Site Management/Communication

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